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GM [PAID][ONLINE][5E][GMT-6][GMT][LGBT+ FRIENDLY][BEGINNER FRIENDLY]DM looking for both new and experienced players to run through official campaigns


Hello, I've been playing in tabletops since I was 15, making that soon to be 9 years of playing, during which I've been DM on and off, and played various different systems, from the ever popular D&D 5e to some more niche games like Shadowrun. I enjoy giving my players the room to develop the characters that they create, from bringing in their backstories into the running story to making their choices of advancement feel grounded on the character's self.

The games will take place using foundry-vtt as a platform, with discord for voice. This includes background music, sheet importing from DND beyond, proper maps, both official and self crafted, and access to me as a DM for hashing out doubts, backstories, and any other issue that might pop up both inside and outside of sessions. Players new to the game are encouraged to join in on the games, as I have experience teaching the game to people, both those that have never played a tabletop before and those that have and are just now trying this one out.

Game: D&D 5e
Group type: Online
Experience: Veteran (DMing for 9 years now)
Timezone: GMT-6, Open to other timezones joining
Game style: An even mix of roleplay, exploration and combat, with roleplay encouraged between sessions via text


TUESDAYS (11AM GMT-6) (5PM GMT): Lost Mine of Phandelver
Cost: $10 per session, Payment through PayPal, Session 0 free
Player Slots open: 5/5 New comers welcome and encouraged!
Duration: 3-4 Hours per session
Centuries ago, the Phandelver pact collapsed at the same time as Wave Echo Cave was lost to hordes of orcs that invaded the area, and ever since adventurers have been looking for the lost cave with the intention of using the riches buried within. The Rockseeker Brothers, a trio of dwarves, have recently discovered the entrance to the cave, but not everything is simple in Faerun, and the Rockseekers are not the only ones that have discovered it.

Cost: $15 per session, Payment through PayPal, Session 0 free
Player Slots open: 5/5
Duration 3-4 Hours per session
Ravenloft, a dark, dreary place where evil not only thrives but rules. You have been cordially invited by Strahd von Zarovich to join him in the realm of Barovia, as he has recently become bored of the the machinations of the lowly peasants around him. Perhaps you will be more entertaining than the gossip of the tenday, perhaps you'll get rid of some of the things that have been making nuisances of themselves lately, or perhaps, against all odds, you'll persevere against Ravenloft and earn your freedom from it. [DISCLAIMER: Death House only if requested by players]

Cost: $15 per session, Payment through PayPal, Session 0 free
Player Slots open: 5/5
Duration 3-4 Hours per session
WATERDEEP, CITY OF SPLENDORS, the most prosperous city in the Sword coast, a trade hub for everything travelling to and from Faerun. But not everything is nice in a city as large as this, and as of recently the members of the Zentharim and the Xanathar Guild have started to pick each other off in the streets of this otherwise good natured city. A local man has approached you for help in finding his beloved friend that has gone missing in this turmoil, will you help?

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