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GM [Online][PF2e][Paid][$12][Beginners Welcome] Looking for 4 players to join in short and sweet 2 to 4 session scenario! You can be new to 2e, or new to TTRPGs in general! No experience is required! Running Beginner Box to teach players this wonderful ...


Hello everyone! I am currently looking for players to run Pathfinder 2e Beginner Starter Adventure (Aka the Beginner Box Scenario). This will take place on Foundry and we will use Discord for voice chat.

General Info

This Beginner Box Adventure is very streamlined. It was specifically made for players who are new to TTRPGs and those who are just new to 2e, so it is going to be ran by the book in order to ensure the players learn the rules and lessons the scenario is trying to teach. Of course, there is always room to role play, change things up and generally go off the rails, but know that it is a written module. No matter what, there is a route to take and a specific ending each player will reach. That being said, how you as a party get there is 100% up to your choices and decisions.

It could be intimidating to try to join a big homebrew campaign without having fundamental knowledge of any system, so this post is a way to get over that initial hurdle to get a good foot hold for your future TTRPG prospects! Whether you are completely new to Table Top Role Playing Games, or have been itching to try out a (in my opinion) better system than 5e, this is a perfect opportunity. The short nature of this scenario makes it easy and safe to learn the core rules and gameplay of 2e.

Side Note: There is also the possibility of continuing the beginner box into another smaller campaign if players wish. More info on that below.


System: Pathfinder 2e

Adventure Info: I will be running the Beginner Box Set adventure called "Menace Under Otari". It is a level 1 to 2 scenario that should take 2 to 4 sessions.

If the players wish to continue playing past this point, there is a sequel Adventure Path called "Troubles in Otari" that would take the players from levels 2 to 4. The sequel adventure could last an additional 4 to 6 sessions.

These scenarios are designed specifically for complete beginners to PF2E, and beginners to TTRPGs in general, so expect some railroad. The game will also be using Milestone leveling.

Time Of Sessions: The sessions will last 4 hours with a 15 minute break at the 2 hour mark. The time and days of play will be decided on your availability. I am based in PST, so when the form asks what times in the day you are available, know that I mean from that Time Zone! (UTC-7/PST)

Required Experience Level: Absolutely none, new players are 100% welcome. Having experience with other systems will help with fundamentals, but not necessary.

Number of Players: 4 players are wanted for this scenario. It is a nice sweet spot so you can have time to shine, have your voice be heard, as well feel like a cohesive group without being overshadowed by multiple players. If I get more applications than I expected, I will be running in groups of 4, so there is plenty of space.

Mode of Play: You will technically only need these things to play. A decent computer to run Foundry VTT (free web based VTT for players), a decent internet so you don’t lag while running foundry, and a Discord account with a Decent microphone. If a player wishes to do video, I will do it also, but know that its not necessary.

Inclusivity: The game is LGBTQ+ friendly. There is no tolerance policy against racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, bullying, and misogynistic comments or actions. If it is a minor offense I will be using a three strike rule. This is protect others to play in a fun and safe environment.

Payment Information

The normal price for the game will be $12 (USD) per session per player. This can be also be paid monthly.

The 1st session will be free.

This is a test session for you, as players. This way, you will be able to make sure you’re happy with the game, the group dynamic, and to see if it is something to which you want to commit to.

All payments are taken up to 24 hours before a session.

Payments are through PayPal or Zelle if you are comfortable with that. If you don’t have PayPal but still want to play then please apply and we can discuss possibly coming up with alternative payment method.

If you pay monthly and are unable to continue playing, I will give a full refund for any outstanding prepayment.

I am not currently a "professional gamemaster" by any means, as this is my first foray into being paid to GM. I have plenty of free time, so I am hoping to eventually become a full time DM. So that being said, you can expect me to be professional and try my absolute best to ensure everyone is having a good time. You can also expect me to know your PC as close as 100% as I can in order to help you along when you forget things and have to remember so many different rules. I am here to help teach you how to play in a nice and smooth manner.

Adventure Synopsis:

The small seaside town of Otari is known for its fresh fish and skilled sailors, but above all, it’s a big logging town, providing valuable wood to the nearby metropolis of Absalom. But for you, Otari is home. You grew up playing on the docks, getting lost in the nearby woods, and hearing the fantastical stories of travelers from faraway lands, tales of terrifying dragons and virtuous knights. Such adventure always seemed so distant—until today!

Word has begun to spread around Otari that there’s a problem down at the Otari Fishery. Some are saying that some sort of beast is lurking in the basement, feeding on the stores of salted fish. Folks are worried that whatever is eating the fish might get hungry enough to eat the fishers next!

You’ve received a letter from the owner of the Fishery. Inside is a desperate plea for help. With the town guard busy protecting the loggers, she needs a few brave souls to venture down into the basement of her warehouse and put an end to the beast that’s feasting on her fish! Do you have the courage to face the menace under Otari?

About Me

You can call me Zo, I'm am 25 years old and currently live in California.

I am a Game Master who has been running many different systems for the past 4 years, but have known about and researched TTRPGs for a total of 5 years. I have ran Pathfinder 1e, Dungeons and Dragons 5e, Call of Cthulhu 7e, Shadows of the Demonlord, Honey Heist, City of Mist, Starfinder, and now Pathfinder 2e. So I am very versed with many types of systems!

My main way of play is running campaign modules and oneshots. I find it easier to run pre-written scenarios because of how much community improvements and fixes can be found online. Doing it this way allows me to ensure that the module I am running can end up being the best iteration of it using feedback from the community. (For example, Curse of Strahd is an amazing 5e module. However, what the community has added to it or outright changed transforms it into the best adventure I have ever ran) In my 4 years of being a GM, I have gone through many campaigns and oneshot modules in the systems listed. I will list the biggest ones I ran for 5e as most people know those; Curse of Strahd, Ghosts of Saltmarsh, Call from the Deep (3rd party), Odyssey of the Dragonlords (3rd party), Tales of the Yawning Portal, and Waterdeep: Dragon Heist.

I am usually always online working on TTRPG things, so if you message me, you can expect a reply within 10 to 30 minutes. I am PST, so obviously I sleep for about 8ish hours from 1am to 9 or 10ish though. I will answer any and all questions you may have about the game or myself and please do not feel like you are bothering me! I am very open about these things and I love answering questions.

About the Game

I have ran this beginner box adventure a total of 4 times now, slowly improving each run.

The first session will be a mix of session 0 and 1. I do not expect the session 0 part to go more than 15 minutes. It will just go over very obvious rules, reiterations and small introductions to your fellow players before we all jump in!

As I have mentioned a couple times through out the post, "Menace Under Otari" is a super beginner friendly scenario. The most important thing to know coming into this is that it is meant to be a learning experience for the players first and foremost. I do not believe in fudging rolls, but for this first adventure there will be a gamey feel to it. What that pretty much boils down to is that if there is a (God forbid) tpk or death at any point in this beginning scenario, know that we will just rewind time or retcon it so that the players can try again. I will never give you a free win, but I won't expect anyone to pick another character if they die to bad dice rolls. We are here to learn and have fun!

No backstories are required for this game, it will be run by the book with little deviation as mentioned before. You may still write one out if you wish to help you be more in the role of your PC, but know that it isnt 100% necessary. If you do write one out and send it to me, know that if it is in my power to incorporate it into the story, I will though! Just don’t go writing about how your PCs main goal is to become a God haha.

Players will have the option to create their own character, or pick from a set of pre-made ones. It is 100% up to you to decide. Here are a total of 12 pre generated PCs PDFs you can parse through you can pick if you prefer that route. (Only 1 rule for character creation, no rare races. Only common and uncommon.)

Pre Generated PC

I will also be providing any additional supplements or handouts to help with playing the game. For example; a player new to TTRPG can expect a PDF with a solo adventure for you to try to get a good understanding of the rules with no external pressure!

Final words

I will be contacting you on discord or you can contact me at ChozoMask#8077 if you have any questions or concerns! When filling the form, make sure you get your discord name plus the #0000 attached is correct. I cannot tell you how many times I got a really promising player application and I couldn’t contact them via


Thank you for reading, thank you for applying, and expect to hear from me soon!

(If you're not sure you can run Foundry, check out this FoundryVTT demo - login to any player using the password foundry)

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