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GM [Solved] [Online] [PST] [Pathfinder 2E/PF2E] [2 Players] [Friday/Saturday preferably] [Weekly]


Names: Joseph and Water
Availability: Saturdays, 10am-11pm PST, Weekly
System: Pathfinder 2E

Description: Hey! My friend Water and I are both looking for a long term Pathfinder 2E group, after jumping over from 5E after awhile. We're both very experienced in various tabletops and have played a a few short adventures in 2E, so there's no issues with us understanding the game or anything.

We're mostly looking for a group that's a decent mix of roleplay, combat, and everything in-between. Ideally I prefer PC's to be invested in the story/world as a whole, an example being everyone has a vested interest in adventuring or being a group as a whole. I'm not a fan of parties and have experienced it where it just feels as if everyone's keeping things from others and there definitely was a lack of trust between Players or PC's.

If anyone needs Two Players feel free to DM me!

Any additional questions are more than welcome, and thank you for reading!

Topic starter Posted : 20/07/2021 7:21 am