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Hey Rob. Davo mate having issues with the hub here and replies. Thanks for replying.

So if you jump into this one and PM me from there.


or if you are really keen just jump into our Discord channel at


Cheers Davo

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Topic starter Posted : 12/07/2021 1:51 am

got ya

Hey, thanks for fast reply.

Im in this discord browsing now
Im generally good with online stuff, played wow ect since it started

My questions for u, be prepared ahahah

1.   timezones. i noticed a few groups at different times. The later the better for me generally as im a chronic insomniac with kids so once they hit the sack im GTG
2. platform.  Im currently watchin 500 youtube vids about roll20 vs foundry vs Fantasy. Havnet bought any, but will buy whats required for my group
3. Commitment  . Generally im extremely committed to something, D&D will be no different. whats ur expectations?

4. research, can u steer me in the right direction? for further reading.
Been awhile since i played and now its on pc and not desktop seems i should have ability to find near anything i like

um thats enough for now,
I will have 500  ore dumb questions ahahahah
Posted : 12/07/2021 5:09 am

Hi, I would like to join the Hyperborean game if there's room. I can't seem to pm Davo and the discord channel link is hidden as well. Help, please?

Posted : 15/07/2021 5:20 am