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GM [GURPS4e} In the shadow of a dragon.

Total Lee

Game System: GURPS 4e
Date & Time: To be discussed...
Frequency: Bi-Weekly to start.
Communication: To be discussed...

Players Needed: Potentially up to 6.
About the Game:

Long time gamer and sci-fi/fantasy enthusiast sidelined with a bad case of the "marriages". Returning to old habits now that the wife accepts that she has married a nerd. How long a gamer, one might ask? When I started, there was only vanilla D& TSR...and that was it.
(Mic drop)
Seriously now, a few co-workers voiced interest in a GURPS 4e meat game run by VTT. Things were going good but then, lo' and behold, the coof happened and I guess I don't need to elaborate much further as to what became of the game so I thought to see if there was any sort of VTT community still left out here in the wilds.
I realized that Maptool, despite its utility is woefully outdated so I switched to Foundry. Glad that I did. It will take a while to get things to the point where I can declare a start date (Perhaps a month or so) but I thought I would check to see if any might be interested in a GURP 4e game?

Game Warning: There is going to be some racy, gory, nasty, freaky going down in these game sessions. There will be (game and setting appropriate) profanity and a plethora of adult and potentially divisive political and social themes. Some of these will upset the more sensitive players and such is not my intent at all. Thusly, if you've a thicker hide than most, are 18+ and this isn't your first rodeo? Then I welcome you, one and all to my own special brand of neurosis!

I love action & sci-fi movie franchises. Wushu, Chambara, Space Opera, 'em all! I draw my inspirations from these. (Familiarity with Tactical Shooting and Gun-Fu rules will help a lot!) So that's what can be expected. Elements of new favorites and old classics.

The Parachronics War has ended (which is misleading since once one starts, it has no definable beginning or end point to speak of) and the victors of this eternal battle seek to prevent another. They themselves were only barely able to vanquish their foe but The Urian Council of the Eternal Light acknowledges that should a threat arise again, the local species may not be able to combat it.

While one of the most advanced races in all existance, they too haved reached a point in their evolution (as corporeal beings) where they can advance no further. To unlock and discover the further complexities of existance requires that they return to a point beyond Planck Time. If this happens, no one will remain to prevent parachronic catastrophe when it arises, the odds of which are currently calculated at 1 to 1.
They realize that in all the varied permutations of life in all the different universes and timelines that one species consistantly advances faster than its ability to control what it creates. One species always unlocks the forbidden secrets of parachronics before the others and by this choice: either saves or dooms existence in the process.


The Urians know there is a reason for it but are at a loss to explain it. To further this end, it is proposed that a great trial be undertaken to discover if humanity should be allowed to continue in the absence of the military arm of the interventionist Light Urians, known as The Sentinel Elite.
To this end, each of the 15 ruling members of the council choose a single champion for the trials. No two champions may originate from the same "universe" but in the event that they do, no two champions share the same starting tech level. Aside from that, they don't even have to be human.
The goal is quite simple:

The Chosen must all participate with (or against) each other to solve The Riddle of Arcanum. If even a single champion suceeds, humanity will be spared and the survivors allowed to continue existing zero state in whatever timeline they happen to end up in. If the chosen fail?
All human life, every where and when will be snuffed out in an, no pressure or anything like that.
The "champions" are pre-generated and players are encouraged to select more than one...because not everybody's going to make it! Most players selections are just under 500 CP designs with a handful above and over the set value. Some as high as 3000 but they are prohibited from ownership except under exceptional circumstances so be careful with whom you choose to pick a fight.

The cast of rubens is as follows:

TL15) The Aurora Entity (prohibited ownership) An energy being of pure thought. Remembers the very moment of creation but unlike most? It remembers what came before that. Interacts mostly through dreams, visions and brief pocessions. Detests physical interventions and vulgar displays of power. By virtue of transitive properties, any body it occupies is virtually unstoppable. It's kind of like a "god" and if it were on Earth at any point in the B.C. times? That's exactly what it would be but it's just like us. Another lonely and bored alien looking to find purpose in another.

TL14) The Parachronic Terrorist (prohibited ownership) Who would ever suspect that the most intelligent mortal being to ever live was a mouse-like creature with an I.Q. of 396? Despite her intelligence she was manipulated by vanity into creating doomsday technology, then just as she figured out she was being manipulated? Had her work stolen along with her ship. Although not actually a terrorist, she is being framed for for the deeds of others as all roads lead to her and not the thieves. If activated, her creation will cause a spontaneous sympathetic parachronic event severe enough to tear the universe apart instantaneously. But at least she has a plan to get her ship back...

TL13) The Yuatja Huntress (limited ownership) 1200 Earth years old. Last came to Terra in 1968 for a rare leadership challenge at a ritual pyramid obscured by the thick of the Laotian jungle near the Vietnamese border. Originally she and her mate, one of a pair of Beta Hunters were to face and defeat their Clans Alpha for the right to hunt the Xenemorph XX121 kept dormant under the ancient alien ziggurat. Accidental intrusion by a MACV SOG Navy SEAL team ambushing Vietcong Sappers who retreated across the border to elude capture set events in motion that saw survivors of all three elements band together to stop the Alpha Hunter. Died fighting along side the last surviving (mortally wounded) SEAL, Gunnery Sergeant Kelvin Mackenzie, when her dead mates nuclear charge was used to destroy the Xenomorph hive under the pyramid. Honor bound to follow the Clan Alpha.

TL12) The Padawan (available) A Twilek girl with vibrantly pink skin from the time of The Old Republic. Her master chose to follow Revan. She declined his invitation and instead stayed true to the teachings of the Jedi order. Her master declared her no longer a padawan but a Jedi (trainee) Knight and told her she had passed her trials to his astonishment before subsequently abandoning her on that world to her fate. As his shuttle receeded into the clouds above, a Mandalorian armada replaced the sky and glassed the planet with everyone on it. She is haunted by the memory of that choice like no other and if she fails to come to peace with events beyond her limited ability to control, she will fall....

TL11) The Orion (available) Posing as a member of her races slave caste, she is actually of the pirate caste. In the waning years of the 24th century, she commanded a fleet of 50 Syndicate Corsairs. Those that didn't fear her, she would woo and manipulate from behind the scenes. Few ever suspected that she truly owned and controlled over 15% of Orion space. Maintaining her cover, she quietly murders those that don't succumb to her pheromones claiming the role of the victimized slave. This doesn't imply she isn't below getting her hands dirty but for a really messy killing? She'd rather have someone else do it....

TL10) The War Hero (available) Expanding known space lanes by 250%? Check. Corperate Wars? Check. A.I, Uprising? Check. First Contact? 12 times....only three of them resulted in war. Mega-Check. Alien Invasion? Three times actually...they were really, really persistent, y'know? Check, check and check. Anti-Aging drugs that only isolate you from life instead of experiencing the joy of the thriving sector you helped to pioneer? Double check on that. Attained the rank of Commodore in the UPF Peaceforcer Corps. Checksum. Mid-life crisis at 200 cycles of age? Chec-eeeuuuuuggggh. Ew. Whoa....hmmmm....o-okay? Uuuuuhhhhhh....why? Problem is hes seen and knows too much and high command knows this. Oh? Check? From a time period with technology roughly between Babylon-5 and Serenity/Firefly. Cha-cha-check. History records him disappearing without a trace, deep in lost reaches of Wild Space on a UPF Peaceforcer Command level:black operation. The truth was something far stranger and more sinister....

TL9) The Super-Soldier (available) From the EA game Battlefield 2142, an elite infantry man, ranger, officer from the Recon specialization (who is trained in SAMBO) undergoes a trial to become the Pan-Asian Coalitions first Super-Soldier. Of the thousands who were secretly exposed to the compound, only he survived the procedures. Now he is the victor on any battlefield upon which he stands. A PAC Captain Amerika if you will and (while he was breathing anyways) the best marksman in the world at the time. Once shot a VTOL pilot through a hole in the canopy glass to score an eye hit as the target approached at 420 mph over a 1 mile away. The action was caught on drone footage and leaked by the FSB as the dawn of the super-soldier on the battlefield. From that point on he became a political tool and not a military one. This is where this super patriot began to question his former masters. He can truly pull off Steve Rogers level action but has a crippling drawback. To keep the merchandise loyal and on the PAC farm? He has a built-in amino acid deficiency that will kill him in short order....

TL8) The Killer (limited ownership) The last man standing from a zombie apocalypse Hell World, he is as his name implies. Driven mad by loss and tormented by the memories of the lives of those he loved but couldn't save, he discovers the trick to moving unnoticed amongst the dead quite by unwanted accident. His failed suicide attempt fuels a rebirth that see him rise from the ashes as a complete and utter psychopath. Intelligent. Charismatic. Remoursless. Pitiless. Tortured. Brutal. Silent...but worst of all? Patient. His eyes are dead like a sharks just before the fatal strike. He killed anything in his path. Especially the living. He would kill them twice. But then he found a cat. Yes, just a tiny, scrawny, excuse for a furrball. Instantly...the darkness he had felt faded. The gravity of his foul misdeeds became a weight, crushing down upon him. He couldn't abandon it. The killer stopped killing. He let himself feel again....just as the world was ending and he was the Last Man Standing.

TL7) The Soldier (available) MACV SOG Navy SEAL Gunnery Sergeant who does not yet realize he was the leader of a Yuatja hunting clan over 50K strong. Part native indian (on his American side) and Canadian, his dual-citizenship allowed him to enlist. Born and bred to live off the land, his true aptitude lies in his scholastic accomplishments. Combat Engineer, an expert in Military Sciences and a degree in Intelligence Analysis makes him the ideal choice for covert military operations. Personally defeated the Alpha Yuatja Hunter but was mortally wounded in the effort. His final memories are of bleeding out on the reactor room floor as "Grace" held back waves of warrior xenomorphs single-handedly.

TL6) The Adventuress (available) What if Lara Croft had been born in 1912 Africa? A simple enough concept. What if her claim to fame was the discovery of a Hollow Earth? What if the Germans were fixated on it too? And what if the governments of the world would stop at nothing to keep the secret for themselves? It was more than she could bear knowing this new underworld would be exploited just like the one above it and so she devoted her families fortune and her own guile and wit to outsmart the Illuminated of her time and permanently sealed off the only known entrance to the Hollow Earth from the surface. It came at the cost of her life. Has an undeniable flair for the dramatic entrance.

TL5) The Gunfighter (available) She is a composite of a Sergio Leone cliche and Sharon Stone's depiction of a "Woman with no Name"....maybe a little "Bloody Benton" thrown in for good measure. An outlaw of epic order and legend of west....or at least she should have been. You know how it was back then ladies? I don't have to mention that "it was a man's world" do I? Spent 4 years in the army dressed as a man. Only Jim Bowie knew her secret. Was discovered to be a woman just before Custer reached the Alamo. Its the only reason she was spared. Was the first to bring news of its fall but no one believed her. If she'd just been a "killer of men", it would have been a simple matter but this isn't the case for our Sacred Lady of Lead. She would breeze into town looking to enrich herself for personal gain but would always leave broke and battered....with a safe and prosperous people left in her wake. How can you kill a legacy like that? Let me just say: it wasn't easy. Went out in a "Butch and Sundance" style shoot-out that would have made "The Wild Ones" envious. Killed thrice more men that day than in her entire career as a Gunslinger and even took the bosses with her.

TL4) The Samurai (available) The classic Musahi-style stoic warrior from the heart of the legendary Tokugawa-era of feudal Japan. His masters keep was besieged by force of a thousand warriors of a rival lord. They attacked under a flag of truce and ambushed the Samurai's compatriots. Although out numbered 3 to 1, the men loyal to the local daimyo fought bravely but were overwhelmed in the end. A group of 9 of the enemies best warriors broke through the line and slew the daimyo. Arriving too late to protect his lord, the Samurai embraced what he believed would be his beautiful death and challenged all 9 to a duel. His blade danced like the wind. When the dust settled, he and some livestock were the only things left standing in the keep yet he bore not even a single scratch. Instead of fleeing from the fragile wooden palace as it burned, he composed his dead lord upon his throne and dutifully, committed sepuku at his feet just before the gunpowder magazine kept under the stronghold ignited....

TL3) Nobody (available) If you are A Game of Thrones fan, then you already have a good idea of the character concept. If not? She's an elite assassin. Some might describe her ability to blend into the local gentry as uncanny....perhaps even unnatural. She never fails on a job. Don't let her size or age fool you. She is as lethal as any of champions you'll find on the ship. Her opponents always underestimate her, if they are lucky enough to see her coming at all that is. A master with light blades and skilled with the bow, her ability to get into difficult places unseen is the stuff of legends. Personally ended a war to discover a life without turmoil and conflict was impossible. Nobody died on a far distant, unnamed shore by a lost and forgotten people. She clearly saw the end coming but made no efforts to defend herself. No One know why, but Nobody knows where he is.

TL2) The Viking (available) Lagartha (Hiaoguror Lodbrok)....from the series Vikings. Not "kind of like" her. Exactly her. A realistic GURPS recreation of this (fictional) elite Viking warrior. The token and images are even exact matches. She is technically a Queen but back then, just about every village had one, so the market was sort of in a glut. More than capable of punching way above her "weight-class" with respect to CP and melee combat. Her story arc was that her husband (and king) was slain by a rival of Utred of Bebinburg who framed the famed raider for the deed. Everything (questionable) she has ever achieved after that was done to a single end. Seduce him...become his wife...and kill him. She nearly succeeded but was betrayed by a captured confidant and was left to the mercy of the Welsh Militia, denied an honorable death and in doing so? Was forever barred from entering Valhalla to be with her Lost King in the everlasting halls of Odin.

TL1) The Bug (limited ownership) This is an odd one. He's a Thranx. A very young Thranx. His mother was at one time a member of an engineering team outsourced to assemble the housing for the quantum resonator. As with all who worked on the project, they were betrayed and used as subjects until there was nothing left to recycle. Before the betrayal, the bugs mother left an egg sack collection in a seldom used access passage before her incarceration and death. Of the hundreds deposited, all but this one was caught. It learned to adapt to its new home and has survived for 6 cycles without being discovered. This little guy has no education and is literally a primitive but must poccess an uncanny sense of environment to elude capture for so long. But are they a boon or a hindrance? Only time will tell.

TL0) The Dragon (prohibited ownership) This thing is a living nightmare. A force of nature. Death incarnate. Never look it in the eyes. It'll think you're a rival. Never run from it once you have. It'll think you're food. Easier said than done? Without a doubt. This is the one who casts the shadow mentioned in the games title. All anyone one knows about them is that they are incredibly rare. They are one of the most dangerous land predators to ever exist. Dragons don't share or play well with others and they reknown for having a microscopically short fuse. A 14.5mm KPV on full auto in the face would only make it angry. Very, very very angry. You don't want that. That's when they get vindictive. A dragon once ate a particular offender. Remembering what he tasted and smelled like, it eventually travelled halfway around the world, hunted and ate, everyone that even remotely smelled like the one who had angered it. Wiping out his entire bloodline and anyone else who remotely carried their scent. They are believed to have only two waking thoughts. Food and mine. Unfortunately even the best of scholars are at a loss to figure out if they even bother to differentiate between the two. Very territorial although no one knows exactly what their native environment is. Impossibly silent for a creature of its size and mass. The apex predator regardless of the world it finds itself on. Second only in power to The Aurora Entity however, unlike them, it can and will eat anything slower than itself. No, this is not Arcanum. It can not be bargained or reasoned with and if you stand toe to toe with one? It is said that no one who ever saw one has lived to tell the tale...(somewhat of an exaggeration, else how would anyone ever know they existed?)...but the only people who ever truly survived a close encounter with one? Never even knew it was there in the first place.

The best part? Those are your only allies. There will also be an assortment of Wildcard elements included to keep the group on their toes. Some xenomorphs? A Terminator? Maybe even a Thing from another planet?

What keeps it all from devolving into an instant "Battle Royale" one might ask? Everyone has partial amnesia. SURPRISE!!! Not for nothing but this will likely be meaningless to both God and The Dragon. It's not that The Dragon doesn't also suffer from partial memory loss. It just isn't enough to make him forget that he's hungry. The Aurora exists only as the virtue of pure cosmic memory incarnate. Amnesia simply doesn't affect it.

Firepower will be off the charts. Weapons from all over time and space. Most will be powerful enough to vaporize whatever they are aimed at. So, yes, champions will perish. Horribly, if we are fortunate enough, but all players will be able to complete the adventure since they will each be expected to choose more than one champion. Somebody will survive. As old options end, new ones will become available through gameplay so success is "hopefully" assured...but only time will tell.

This type of gathering is bound to be dysfunctional. Even when it works out well? Things will likely only be a few steps away from total chaos at any given moment. The team is potentially a greater threat to player (and galactic) safety than the enemies they face.

("God" and "The Dragon" are prime examples of this.)

Point values are roughly equal but not all champions are created equal. For example: You don't want to fight the Super-Soldier in a fist fight under any circumstances, if you are just about anyone on the ship with two legs. He is more "custom built for speed" than the others and fares better in combat than the rest. Even though they are all the same value. His STR is nearly twice the crews average score and his DEX is off the charts. But could he actually outdraw The Gunfighter? Probably not.

The Cinematic Perks available to all players will change from chapter to chapter: Mooks, Infinite Ammo, Epic Boss Challenge (where Hit Points become 5 times the value in Stun Points for fist fights), or Imperial Stormtrooper Marksmanship Academy will always change for the sake of nuance. A few will be static and will always remain constant regardless of chapter and verse such as Just a Flesh Wound or that Bosses and their important lieutenants will also have access to Hero Points.

Yes. It's GURPS. Big fights can run slow even with short cuts...but it will be epic! However, if we are speaking bluntly? I anticipate that 1/3rd of the starting cast will be dead or eaten (possibly both....not nessessarily in that order) before the second chapter begins. Perhaps half once the first story arc concludes. This is the reasoning behind some of the redundancy in the hero builds. Don't let disparate the tech levels fool you. The primitive Bug and the advanced Jedi are both begin equal in terms of their chances of surviving the adventure. Just because the Jedi excels in combat won't imply that she'd be your first choice when it comes to knowing your way around an alien ship. The Bug would be the odds on winner if that were the case.

I expect a month or two will pass before a start time draws near. Plenty of time to see if there is enough interest out there for this type of insanity. For now, voice any interest or questions here. Some game aspects might change but these updates will be posted here.

Happy gaming to one and all.

Total Lee.


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Total Lee

I was about to start writing the narrative for the above story when it struck me that the nature of what I proposed would be too overwhelming.
Even though initially designed for a meat game, those players are gone and with it I believe, their preferences.
Thusly, I thought it expedient to list a series of setting I would be willing to GM.
Hopefully, enough interest in one will spark the game in earnest.
To this end I list the following World Designs:

Star Wars: Clone Wars - Objective to survive throughout The First Battle of Geonosis to the issuance of General Order 66.
Bubblegum Crossfire - A GURPS Knight Sabers-themed cyberpunk romp set in the ashes of the post-autoduel/death sports world.
Star Frontiers - The TSR classic Volturnus saga from beginning to end.
The Desert of Desolation - The epic AD&D desert campaign with a twist. It takes place in the Roaring 20's.
Farscape - A darkly humorous series set about a century after the events of The Peacekeeper Wars.
Weird War II - Wolfenstein-ish war/horror pitting the allied forces against sorcery and the dead.
Illuminated Conspiracy - Let your paranoia run amok....

Anyone interested is free to reply here.

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Total Lee

Some expansion on the above game worlds:

Star Wars: Clone Wars - Objective to survive throughout The First Battle of Geonosis to the issuance of General Order 66.

(Players are encouraged to create their own Padawan using PDF'd source material that exists on the net. I also maintain copies for any who do not have them. It will be faithful to the Lucas/Filoni version of a Galaxy far, far away. Space Opera game play with a few static cinematic rules. Players will also have control of a Clone Trooper for when they are not personally in the action. While Padawans are the template for player hero, a member of The Kuy'vuldar is also within the realm of possibility.  Characters to be built on 350 points with -45 points to Disadvantages and -5 points to Quirks. Racial and Padawan template Disadvantages are to be mitigated. They would likely be in their late teens and on the cusp of taking their Trials for Knighthood. Another variant I will entertain for is the identical time frame but from a Separatist point of view....)

Bubblegum Crossfire: Stormfront - A GURPS Knight Sabers-themed cyberpunk romp set in the ashes of the post-autoduel/death sports world.

(Players will form the newest incarnation of Stormfront, one of the few remaining teams of Hardsuit clad powered armor vigilantes in 2071. The group has had two completely successful roster changes and the third which while an epic success, resulted in the loss of all team members. It's been almost a decade since the group was needed and teams like theirs operated in good faith with intelligence agencies. They and all like them have been branded enemies of the state. Problem is? Evil never sleeps. The players will be built with 400 points and must strike a balance of hand to hand, firearms, explosives, vehicular mastery (especially motorcycles), and finally armored trooper training. This world evolves from the 2022 Autodeul hell world that has its timeline sent askew by a catastrophic parachronic event. Unreal Tournament exists but is only legal off-world. The worlds super powers are TL9 with almost all the others ranging from TL8-6 with the exception of Olympus which is TL10 in most aspects.)

Star Frontiers - The TSR classic Volturnus saga from beginning to end.

(The heroes will be trusted to carry out an urgent expedition to a newly discovered world on the edge of known space. Alien species are few. A dozen at most and some are unplayable. The games TL is 10. The world is Hard Sci-Fi. Similar to the series The Expanse but about 150 years further down the technology road. FTL drives are non-existent but Jump Gate technology takes some of the sting out of it. Character builds will be 150 points. Racial templates can be provided for those curious about playing a Yazirian or Dralasite. This is a full campaign and by the end, survivors will be around 500 points or greater. Psionics exist but are extremely rare and will be somewhat prohibitive given the starting point allotment. GURPS: Space templates to be used for legal player builds. Players may opt to build two 150 point characters at their leisure but may not build a single 300 point character.)

The Desert of Desolation - The epic AD&D desert campaign with a twist. It takes place in the Roaring 20's.

(This is basically just The Lost Tomb of Martek but with Brendan Fraser/Harrison Ford. Characters to be built with 250 points. This will play less like Dungeon Fantasy and more like Horror, due to the time period it takes place in. Players are encouraged to use Mysteries, Horror or Action templates for hero builds. Magic is real but thought to be fake. It will be an epic campaign as the Desert of Desolation series was a D&D masterpiece. Any group that tries to design a team of "he-men" will likely meet the same fate as the American group in the first Mummy movie. There might also be a rival German group to foil....)

Farscape: The Lostscape Chronicles - A darkly humorous series set about a century after the events of The Peacekeeper Wars.

(The remains of the Scarren Empire fragments into civil war and chaos as the loss of their sacred flower dooms the species to retrograde oblivion. As their reach and influence contracts under the stresses of "The Long Night", other ambitious races rush to fill the void left in the power vacuum by the reptile overlords absence. Sectors long under prohibitive travel edicts and military presence are now open to all for the first time in centuries. Little if anything is known about them except rumors and heresay. One such legend tells of a fabled treasure planet belonging to the first Scarren Emperor has attracted the attention of pirates, scavengers, archeologists and tombraiders alike. The players will form one of these seeker teams tasked with discovering the voracity of the legend and if possible, locate and map the system for their mysterious benefactor. Starting CP values to be set at 175. No class or race is restricted and players will create their own hero(ine) but must follow the D20 descriptions in the Farscape sourcebook.)

Weird War II - Wolfenstein-ish war/horror pitting the allied forces against sorcery and the dead.

(Fritz is up to no good. A nation of goose-steppers, after a devastating loss in WWI search for a way to develop the perfect soldier for the impending offensive on Fortress Europa. The Allies are desperate to discover what their enemy is up to. Recent unexplained events have caused Allied governments to cooperate in the creation of a new branch of military intelligence tasked with foiling the plans of their Illuminated foe. Individuals from around the world from every military and intelligence agency known to exist will be a part of this operation. Players are free to create any manner of 150 point character from military templates found in the GURPS:WWII 3e books. I have copies if needed.)

Illuminated Conspiracy - Let your paranoia run amok....

(100 point starting value for characters. No military or law enforcement templates permitted. Just normal people about to live extremely abnormal lives. While anyone may own a firearm, skill levels in combat related disciplines are limited to one at 12, two at 11 or three at 10. There are no such restrictions on IQ-based skills such as Military Intelligence or Tactics (small unit). A martial arts student or boxing/wrestling skills must follow similar restrictions. The players are unwittingly caught up in a web of lies, murder, mystery and mayhem. Seemingly invisible forces align against the free will of humanity to enslave and subjugate all or eliminate the uncooperative and undesirable. However, the players may choose to help or hinder but what secret could be so terrible that it threatens the very existence of a race that reasons? I guess, in the end, it will all come down to who is willing to do that which their enemy will not.)


More updates to follow.

Happy Gaming!

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