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GM Looking to form long-term traditional group. [D&D / 5E]. 4 Players needed. MST, but will be in CST starting in December. Friday or Saturday sessions.

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Game System: [D&D / 5E]

Date & Time:  10/29/2021 (starting at 6 or 7 PM) OR  10/30/2021 (Starting any time after 11 AM)

Frequency: Every other Friday or Saturday (Whichever is best for the group)

Level: 1st  

Communication: Discord (likely)

Players Needed: 4

About the Game:

Synopsis:  Lord Aedrick Vongrudin, the vanquisher of Blackdusk, and Baron of Ralenford, has issued a call for all able-bodied adventurers to compete in the First Annual Ralenford Adventurer’s Challenge. A grand prize of 2000 GP, to be split equally among a team of five, will be awarded to the victors. Each adventuring party will be selected at random several days before the challenge commences. All interested parties are hereby requested to register with the Adventurer’s Guild in Ralenford by the 5th day in the month of Barakas. Further details regarding the event will be given to adventurers upon registration by the honorable Arbiter Rosewald.

Story Hook:  The party will embark on a small adventure as a team competing in Lord Vongrudin’s First Annual Adventurer’s Challenge. The party will be competing against several other NPC parties, so it is possible to lose the competition if the players fail to work well as a team. I intend to use this adventure as a launching pad for future adventures, so there is a specific reason I have chosen to use the Adventurer’s Challenge story hook.

Setting (medium magic world):  A custom world called PhadeRun. The known world is encircled by an impenetrable shroud of fog and smoke called the Phade. Only ships or creatures capable of reaching speeds more than 45 nots can pass through the Phade without being ripped apart. Any ship or being capable of achieving said speeds is known as a Phaderunner. Most ships capable of “running the phade” are specially designed vessels, with one or more magic-wielding crewmembers capable of casting spells that increase the ships speed.

Phaderunners are important to the world’s setting because passing through one side of the Phade places the vessel or being on the direct opposite side of the world. This allows port cities on the far eastern side of the continent to quickly travel to the western continent (and vice versa) to conduct trade and safe passage for travelers. If this confuses you, I will explain everything during our first session.

Number of Players:  I have one solid player right now; my 21-year-old son named Dylan. I am looking for 4 more players to round out the group.

Interface:  I host FoundryVtt on a personal server, at the web address:

I make all my maps using Dungeondraft and my world, city, and town maps using Wonderdraft (you can see an example with the world map attached to this recruitment notice). 

Session Schedule:  I would like to play either every other Friday (with sessions starting between 6-7 PM) or Saturday evenings (with sessions starting as early as 4 PM). I am currently located in the Mountain time zone, but I will be moving to San Antonio Texas in December (CST time), so I am willing to accept players in Eastern, Central, and Mountain time zones. I will consider Pacific time players if they can get together despite the 2-hour time difference.

My Background:  I am a 43-year-old full-time college professor, and I have been playing D&D since I was 10 years old. I have been running adventures and campaigns as a dedicated DM most of that time. I am open to the idea of allowing other members of the group to run adventures from time-to-time (maybe even on a rotating basis), but I am interested in maintaining the role of primary DM. I am very comfortable acting and getting into character as an NPC, including using different voices. As a result, I would prefer players (18+) who are not afraid to get in character or for those who would like to try getting into character for the first time. With that being said, I am also looking for calm, reasonable people, who are easy-going and dependable; I do not want someone who fails to show up for scheduled game sessions. I am also not interested in combative players or rule-despots.

Regarding the schedule, I am fully aware there will be times when someone in the group cannot make the session due to other commitments. This is perfectly fine; I am simply asking that players don’t cancel a day or two before we are supposed to play, excluding emergencies of course.

My Style:   I try to incorporate strong storytelling in my adventures, with a balance of role-playing, puzzles, riddles, traps, and combat. I believe this balance is important to help avoid boredom and hack-and-slash gameplay.

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