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GM [DnD 5e] [Paid] Yasai, Land of Monsters


Heroes, Monsters, and the Fall of an Empire!

      Not long ago Ingowil, The Miracle, the Celestial Dragon Emperor, ruled all of Raidou. His divine grace directing the very heavens as all the spirits, kamii, and gods were rained in by his Celestial Court. All nations paid tribute to the Celestial Court and order was maintained across the vast continent. However, this was not to last as foreign interlopers would assassinate Ingowil and dismantle the Celestial Court, blighting the land with chaos as the blood of the celestials tainted and corrupted the lands of Raidou as punishment for our failures.

We now live in a world full of monsters, clawing at our doors demanding we die or be corrupted as they were. Noble hero, please we beseech thee. Will you help defend Yasai, the last known bastion of Raidouan civilization?  Will you help us beat back the Taint? Life will be hard but we MUST prevail!


Campaign Specifics

The Land of Yasei Campaign is an oriental DnD 5e campaign set on the homebrewed continent of Raidou within a community-made homebrewed setting. The campaign is dedicated to roleplay, combat, and exploration as the party is tasked with several missions to investigate and to stop possible threats to the Bastion of Yasei, their actions and choices impacting the world at large. The Campaign is starting at Level 3 with most official DnD 5e Published Material approved, set to begin on September 13th.

The System is 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons.
The time is Mondays at 9PM EDT/EST
We will be using Foundry as hosted by Forge for simplicity.
Sessions typically last 3 hours.


This game will require payment to the Game Master at a rate of $30 monthly Via Patreon. Foundry Hub is not responsible for any payment transactions and cannot enforce any private arrangements.


Community-based Gameplay


This game is a part of the Mundesa D&D group, a growing community of DMs and Players tired of the hassle and difficulty of finding games to play in. Payment for this game does not just mean you are eligible for just this game but also any game gated behind the same patron level at no additional cost. (In this case, 3 additional games, with a 4th currently recruiting). 

Contact this account or post your interest for any relevant links or search us up on Google!

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