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GM [D&D3.5e][Weekly][FREE][1-3 Slots Open]

Jeff W

The Abbey of the Golden Sheaf is dedicated to the goddess Chauntea and has been in existence for hundreds of years. It has a reputation as one of the finest schools of farming and animal husbandry in all of the Dales. During the winter the Abbey is all but shutdown; students have gone home and only a small staff remain on site. This winter of 1372 DR, however, is madness itself; Drow incursions into the Cormanthor forest, lightning raids on hamlets and Ashabenford, and now, monstrous humanoids and undead wander the land at will. Our Abbot is re-instituting a policy of “Small Protection” – allowing licensed adventuring companies the opportunity to operate from the Abbey. There are several nearby sites to explore and clear of unwholesome creatures, including Galath’s Roost where legend says a fabled treasure still lies hidden beneath.

Free room & board, healing, meals (two per day), lockup of valuables, legal licensing, and best of all – keep what treasure you find. Inquire personally at the Abbey of the Golden Sheaf, Mistledale, Dales, Faerûn.

Foundry VTT/Discord voice; Weekly on Sundays at 1pm EST (-5 UTC); 1st level characters; We start in 1 to 2 weeks.

DM JW#5102 for Participation Guide

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