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A Request Of All Module Authors


Please consider creating a for your project.

Modules with a changelog make it much easier for GMs (aka server managers) to know what is being modified so they can test new features, watch for interactions between other plugins, notify their players about changes, etc...

In fact some module authors (not many thankfully) don't even do proper git releases/versioning, so you have to munge about in all their check-ins since they last updated their manifest file.

If you want to up your git game, the folks at GitLab have a detailed and somewhat complex set of changelog guidelines for contributing to their project.  I'm not suggesting you need to go this far, but you might find some inspiration as to what warrants changelog entries for the scale of your module.  If you are not using GitLab, there is still some guidance here for your consideration.

Here's a great example of a developer who is doing it right for a Foundry module.

Kudos to Tim and the other module developers who are doing proper changelogs as part of their project!


Topic starter Posted : 17/03/2021 12:05 pm
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Calego (Elf Friend)

Piggybacking off this and adding to it, there's a Wiki article explaining how Foundry installs and updates packages.

This lays out how best to set your repository up to make use of releases and proper version history.


Personally I include my changes in the release and Github makes those easy to see on the releases page.

Posted : 21/04/2021 2:03 pm