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Hi. I'm a GM who think it is tedious to prep Foundry setting up scenes with background sound manually. I have found a way to set a scene, export to json, and then use a spreadsheet script to exchange all img: and sound: in the json to new json's. In this way, I can very fast build a scenario with 50+ scenes with backdrop images and ambient sounds.

However, no I need to import the json's into Foundry, and upload the images and sounds. First, I just upload all these files into the adventure folder on my Foundry server. Then, I need to have a macro that prompts me to select all created json files, and then creates a new scene for each json file.

I can't code. Can anyone help me create this macro? Then we can package it with a tutorial and the Google Spreadsheet script for making new jsons from spreadsheet content. This should be available free on forums or as a module.


Topic starter Posted : 07/09/2021 9:48 am