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Request (free) Chage Token size with spells?


Dear all, hello 😀 


I am playing a Pathfinder campaign and my PG is a shifter.

I would like to have it increase its token size by casting the appropriate spell: is there a way to do that?

We arranged something by creating an appropriate buff and using the size menu in the stats BUT, more often than not, I forget to toggle one or the other option. Ok, I am a dumdum, but it would be nice to figure out if such a thing would be feasible.

I am asking in lieu of my DM, as I would like to reduce the amount of stuff he has to figure out on the Foundry Platform.
Unfortunately, I am not good at writing a script/macron in Foundry. I tried. It was a HUGE mistake.

Thank you in advance for your attention an help 😀 

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Topic starter Posted : 19/02/2021 5:18 pm

So I am not a dev, but there is a Macro included in PF 1e games under Sample Macros (that can be dragged into action bar at the bottom by anyone) that does change your Token per presets of creatures and their size and it can be modified. Not sure if this helps in your case, but maybe you could reuse that code if in PF2e.


Posted : 13/06/2021 4:59 pm