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Free Pirate themed adventure / battle maps


Hello everyone,

as I am currently GM for my TDE5/DSA5 pirate group, I started to generate some maps myself.
I used Dungeondraft as modelling software and different freely available assets.
So the actual artistic value is mainly given by the awesome assets I used - I only added some time and imagination to combine those in maps 😉

Therefore, I'd like to share these maps with you for free as well.
Any comments are of course welcome.


Link to Manifest (for installation via FoundryVTT module installer)


This module includes both classical battle maps as well as adventure maps (bigger maps with focus on exploration and solving problems).
To distinct between these two types of maps I added a Prefix to the map names

  • [AM] for adventure maps
  • [BM] for battle maps

For the adventure maps I further added a short journal to the map to explain the initial idea of the map.
These journals are meant only and just only as supportive "collection of ideas" for your preparation.
Of course you are absolutely free to ignore the journal and use the maps as you wish.


Please note
Some of the maps use ambient sounds of the Game Audio bundle (1-4).
For full ambience pleasure consider installing these modules as well if not already done.


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Gen Kitty

Very nice!

Posted : 16/05/2021 8:30 pm

Update 0.1.1:

  • Map Collection is now available via manifest-File and direct download via FoundryVTT module installer 
  • Added several new maps - 14 maps in total
  • Improved maps naming (added Prefixes: [AM] for adventure maps and [BM] for battle maps)
  • Added "readme" journal to adventure maps to explain the initial idea of the map.
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