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Welcome to Foundry Hub's Create and Share!

This is where amazing members of our community create and share their art, music and writing for all to use. If you're a creator and would like to showcase what you can do, make sure to also check out our Creators page.

We have some guidelines in addition to our Code of Conduct so that we can keep things tidy and friendly. Please understand that many of these guidelines require your best judgement, so please be respectful.



General Guidelines

We ask that users adhere to the following requests when creating a listing or post:

  • Tag your listings appropriately. [Free] & [Paid] when sharing content, and [Request] & [Commission] when you're in need of content.
  • Please mark your post as resolved once it's not needed anymore
  • All content in a post and/or listing must be PG-13 in nature (game description, username, pictures, etc.)
  • Refrain from "bumping" posts (i.e. replying to a thread solely to bring it to the top and providing no new information)
  • Refrain from posting replies that do not relate to the original post's request or topic
  • Refrain from publicly posting links to off-site communities (Discord, Facebook groups, etc.) on the C&S Forums*
    * You may share this content via private message only if requested.

Infringement of this section is subject to moderation action as outlined by the Code of Conduct.



Paid Content Guidelines

Foundry Hub is not responsible for any payment transactions and cannot enforce any private arrangements. Below outline some additional requests that must be adhered to in order to maintain transparency for people looking to acquire or sell paid content.

  • All listings must include the tag [Paid] (if selling) or [Commission] (if buying) at the beginning of the title
  • Do not attempt to solicit users-- through private message or a post in a seeker's thread-- if they have not explicitly stated an interest in paid content

Infringement of this section is subject to moderation action as outlined by the Code of Conduct.


That's it, have fun, be nice, make friends!

Topic starter Posted : 08/02/2021 1:11 am